I have a friend called Ashley and, like me, he likes photography, so we have been around Filey a few times taking photos, but sometimes during these little sessions, I like to take Candid photos of him Here are a few:

14962284_1870006976619266_376548818_nThis is my favourite photo I have taken of Ashley. While taking photos of the beach from the cliffs, I saw Ashley looking out to the view and thought it would be a good moment to take a picture of him. When I took the photo, there was a lot of sunlight shining directly at us (as you can slightly see), so I didn’t think it would come out good, but I believe it came out rather well. Considering it is a candid photo, very good posing from Ashley XD

14937911_1870006966619267_363378298_nThis photo was taken when I was sat on the grass and looking up towards Ashley. I can’t remember the reason why I decided to take this photo, but it highlights his happiness well, and the shreds of grass at the bottom add effect.

14937138_1870006979952599_2104260753_nThis photo of Ashley also includes my friend Megan (who we all call Hanson to avoid confusion between us both). I really like this photo because the scenic view in the background is beautiful and they are both pulling natural poses, although it looked like it is planned.


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