Brighton (17/07/16)


When I went on holiday with my family to London back in July, we decided to visit the beautiful sea side town of Brighton for the day. During that day we got quite a bit done. We did things like visit Brighton Pier, went to see the West Pier, went round the lanes and did some shopping, all before hopping back onto a train to take us back to London. I had always wanted to Brighton and I am so desperate to go back again to bask in its glory and to take some more amazing photos of what Brighton has to offer.

As we were only there for a few hours, I didn’t get chance to explore Brighton fully, and only came away with a few photos. So here are some of the pictures I got:


This is a picture I took of a church in Brighton, I am not sure of the name of the church, or even where this is located but I believe it to still be a good photo never the less.


These are three photos I got of the Brighton Pier sign. What I love the most about these three photos, is that they are all taken at different angles, distances and times. My favourite photo of the three is probably the bottom one, as most of the words ‘Brighton Pier’ are illuminated, almost all of the two flags are in the photo, and it looks the brightest photo.

Brighton’s old, burnt down West Pier, has to be my favourite part of Brighton I saw. The aesthetic, decayed look really brought life into the pictures and no matter what angle you shot it from, the pier always looked so … spectacular!!


The final three photos all link into Brighton Pier. The first photo is of the first entrance to the pier, before you actually walk onto it. The mini clock tower was a great feature to have on the pier, and in the photo. The biggest photo is the view of the beach and West Pier from one of the many tables laced about half way along the Pier. The final picture is of some of the stretched out Pier from the view of the beach.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day in Brighton and would love to go back to explore more of what it has to offer and to get some more amazing photos! 🙂


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